Asphalt Sealcoating

Asphalt Sealcoating

Make a Lasting Impression

Full Service Asphalt Sealcoating for Commercial and Residential Properties

Southern Striping has over 10 years of experience in sealcoating that extends the life of your asphalt and saves you money overall. This preventive maintenance can be applied to driveways, parking lots, golf cart trails, even roadways – anywhere that has asphalt pavement in good condition.

Sealcoating asphalt on road - Southern Striping, LLC

Advantages to Sealcoating


Protect against the effects of sun and water to save money over the long-term. Sealcoat can also protect your asphalt from the effects of harsh chemicals.


Use sealcoat to increase surface friction and keep your pavement from becoming slippery, which can lead to an increase in accidents.


Sealcoat costs pennies per square foot to apply. Compare that to the many dollars needed to repair or replace damaged asphalt and the advantage is clear.


A fresh sealcoat application results in a rich black finish.  The result is a great first impression for customers, residents, and homeowners.

Sealcoating that Works

Before and After of sealcoating road maintenance project - Southern Striping, LLC
Our Process

We visit your site to confirm the suitability of sealcoat for your pavement. Once you accept our estimate, we get to work. A mixture of emulsified coal tar, water, mineral fillers, sand and various other components are combined to create the sealcoat. Our premium grade sealcoat includes select, highly stable polymer binder additives with cross-linking chemistry and fine-graded sand for traction and wearing surface.

Mechanical spray, rubber squeegee, or broom is used to apply the sealcoat. Many pavement engineers recommend a two-coat application using a squeegee application on the first coat and a spray application on the second. This allows the mechanical down pressure of a squeegee to fill cracks, displace dust particles and to insure adherence while the second spray coat provides an even filling of voids and a smooth, uniform finish.

Our Credentials

Be sure you compare contractors carefully. Choose only a well-established, experienced, and professional contractor like Southern Striping to do your project. Southern Striping maintains insurance, follows industry specifications and uses only high-quality materials that are not diluted.

What the professionals use

Southern Striping installs both Polytar™ and Black Diamond™, two of the premiere sealcoats on the market. Polytar™ uses polymer technology to assure longer-lasting protection and improved hot weather performance. Black Diamond™ is an asphalt emulsion sealer that is known for a deep black color as well as being environmentally friendly. Southern Striping can also design custom mixes specifically tailored for the needs of your roadways, runways, or parking lots. Call Southern Striping today for a complete analysis of your property.

While sealcoats have historically been designed for off-highway use where there are low traffic speeds, newer, more complex blends are being used on roads, highways, and runways.

Sealcoats typically last between 3-5 years, depending on the quality of the material used and the millage (thickness) of the actual application. Sealcoats have a shorter life span than heavier-duty treatments like slurry seal and micro surfacing.

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